Friday, April 17, 2009

To the launch pad!

We just got back from having a most successful rocket launch.
First up was the Mean Machine.
As is often the case, the breeze kicked up so we angled
the rod against the wind. First signs were good,
the rocket came off the pad as straight as an arrow.

As it turned out, the winds aloft were much weaker
then the winds at the ground, so after this launch
we gave the launch rod a more vertical orientation.
The next we launched the Mean Machine again.

The missile screamed to five hundred feet,
the parachute deployed, and the rocket
started to float toward the school
so i started to run to catch the rocket.

I..I can't..I...can! Im gonna, Im gonna!
I...did! I had caught the rocket!
(whew)The next the rocket up
was the Rascal ( a newly bought rocket).
5..4..3..2..1! Rocket soars to a thousand
feet. I caught the rocket again.

...And so on. Overall, we launched a whopping eight
times! The rockets launched were the Mean Machine,
Astron Outlaw, the Rascal, the Nasa Spaceship,and the Chrome Domes.
We held the flight de-briefing over some DQ ice cream!
Mark that as another succsessful friday night flight!


watch for videos, coming soon!
thanks to camera man Joshua.

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