Monday, December 29, 2008

Fleet Re-fit

I have a lot of rockets that need fixing.

My new Chrome Dome got a burned parachute on its first day. My Blue Ninja is, um, missing some fins.

One of my Mean Machine rockets got sat on on the way back from the launch field. The other Mean Machine got bent at the base becau it landed too hard. It landed too hard because my Senior Flight Dynamics Officer (let's just call him 'Pop') cut the hole in the parachute too big.

Another one of my rockets has found a new home in the top of a 45-foot oak tree on the edge of the flight range. The pre-launch briefing went something like this:

Me: "Pop, you don't think the breeze has kicked up too much, do you?"

Senior Flight Dynamics Officer: "Naw. Lets just modify the trajectory a few degrees to cancel out the wind."

The in-flight discussion went something like this:

Senior Flight Dynamics Officer: "WOW!!! With a c6-7 that little rocket went WAY higher than I thought it would."

Me: "I told you it would, Pop! "

Senior FIDO: "Yeah, I know, but WOW!!!!"

Me: "Uh..... Pop? It looks like it is headed for those trees."

FIDO: "No way. It'll clear a good 20 yards this side of the treeline. If not more. We are golden. Trust me."

Me: "I don't know...."

Rocket snags itself in top of said oak tree.

FIDO: "Hmmpf. Guess I misjudged it a bit."

Oh, well. That is rocketry.

The end.


Model rocketeer looking for new Flight Dynamics Officer. Must be good listener and able to follow simple instructions. Must be familiar with route to and from the local DQ.

Just kidding, Pop.