Sunday, February 8, 2009


My fleet, that is.

I have not been able to launch for a while now for several reasons. One is that the weather has not been suitable for launching.

Another is the Old Man my Pop has not been up to launching with me.

Also, my rockets have not been in good condition. All three of my Astron Outlaws have one or more fins missing. My NASA Spaceship has warped fins, my Blue Ninja has been sat on a couple of times (perpetrator shall remain nameless), etc.

I have fixed the Chrome Dome, though. I repaired the burnt parachute (long story) and I resupported the fins.

I hope I can have a launch soon. I'll keep you posted!

- Z

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Ron said...


Don't despair. When I was in school, we called this time of year "The Dark Ages". From the new year to Easter, if it's not snowing, well it's just plain "dark"(in more ways than one). Soon the days will get nicer and you, and others, will be ready to fly again.
In the mean time, you can mend the fins and perform other heavy maintenance.

Mr. O